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Hi All, just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been lurking for a while and avidly working my way through the treasure trove of information here, and I wanted to thank all the contributors. It really is a fantastic resource you have built, and clearly a great community too.

I’m in Western Australia, absolutely hanging out to get my first still from Punkin, I can’t wait to start trying to actually make something rather than just read about it.

I’ll have to wait a while longer but I’ll join in as soon as funds (and wife points) allow, or sooner if someone over here would like to move on their setup to a loving new home - you can always ask forgiveness right?



  • Welcome, you are in good hands here! :)

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  • Welcome Dreamer.

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

  • Welcome mate.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • HI there, you'll love the new still. feel free to ask as many questions as you need to

  • Dreamer, sin first and ask for forgiveness later. She will only love you more for it. (unless that involves her sister or cousin or something). This is a bloody great forum mate.

  • That reminds me of a story of a woman I once knew who was from Perth and caught her husband boning her sister. Family reunions were tense for a while. There was no forgiveness for the ex husband or the sister.

  • Thanks guys. @DonMateo have they forgiven you yet or still a bit frosty with the ex inlaws?

  • @dreamer. It wasnt me but the story is classic. I was in Brisvegas with this hot red head from Perth, Francis was her name. I was once at her place and there was a photo of her sister, another tall smoking hot redhead. I said wow nice looking woman who is that. She said not you too. I said Huh. She said yes that is my sister who I caught being boned by my husband. I said what happend. She said she was working on a mine site came back a day early after a 4 week rotation onsite, let herself into the flat quietly and heard this grunting and goes into the bedroom and there is her sister starfished and her hubby on top of her sister going for glory. The funny story is the hubby jumps off the sister still with a woody and said to Francis " Honey this is not what it looks like". Francis said to the hubby get the phuck out of this apartment. Her sister stands up and Francis punched her in the nose and broke her nose. Then grabs her clothes and goes running out of the flat starkers and crying like crazy with blood pouring out of her nose. Then Francis got a wheely bin filled it full of their photos, her spanish lace wedding dress, any combined memorabilia and sprayed the whole thing with vodka and set it alight. Then she got every peice of clothing from the hubby and threw it over the balcony. Suffice to say for the next 5 years they were never at the same family gathering at the same time.

    I reminded myself that when the time would come to break up with Francis to do so gently and leave the country at the same time. But she was an amazing woman..

  • That is a awesome story, even still fits with the title of this thread. Sounds like he is lucky she didn't spray him with vodka and send him flaming over the balcony.

  • thanks @dreamer. Francis was a great woman. Very fond memories. Her sister was hotter though. Sometimes I miss Oz.

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