Distilling Run on Bourbon Wash

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This is just a quick question.

A couple of weeks ago I set going a bourbon wash, 60% corn, 20% wheat and 20% rye. I added enzymes for the rye. And everything was great. The mash was great and inside 12 hours all 3 x 200l fermenters were bubbling away like crazy. So I go away on holidays and come back and they were all great. No lactos just beautiful nice sweet bourbon wash. So about 3 days ago I strip the first run. Distill on grain, no scorching as I ran the strip slow, and the low wines that came out tastes just like Gentlemen Jack without the oak. So today I just finished stripping the second run and it was overly sour and I cut off about about 27% alcohol with the tails coming on late. I tasted the combination of the low wines and was a lot more bitter and tasted like tails. I will do the third strip tomorrow and see how it goes. Anyone have experience in something like this?

And the next question I have what are the probability it will clean up on the spirit run?

I was getting decent volumes like 20l per strip. This is my third run distilling on grain and the last two have been great. I cant say the second strip tasted like it was scorched it was just more tailsy and a bit bitter.

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