Dimensions for placing the Parrot


I am new to the forum so thought I would drop by and say hi. I also have a question which I was hoping someone can answer, I have the 100L milk can with a 5 section ProCap bubble plate and the super dephlegmator.

What height will the collector from the parrot be sat at using this configuration?

I have worked the height out to be 2092mm to the high point but can't see any dims for the down portion of the Dash.

thanks all


  • i should have mentioned i had just ordered the above hence why i was working out some sizes

  • In general, there where you like to have it ;)

    You can always add some 3/4" pipes to get your preferred height. I would build everything together and the look, where it gets me. I have seen stills where the outlet is on table height and stills where it is rather low with a bucket under it ;)

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  • Yes ideally you'll want the parrot elevation set up according to the height of your collection vessel.

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