Rhubarb and Ginger

Hi all,

I have been making gin now for only 6 months. I use the vapor infusion method with a gin basket and have had some very nice results. I recently tried some rhubarb and ginger gin which my wife loved. This had been done by infusing the rhubarb and ginger into the gin. I was wondering if anyone had tried making this with the vapor infusion method. If so could anyone let me have a starter recipe as I have no idea of amount of botanicals to use. I only have a small still with the boiler holding approx 17 ltrs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    You might find that for a particular fruit or vegetable, infusion creates a more recognizable flavor than distillation. Or, if they are able to be distilled (have enough volatile or oil compounds), you might find that you need to make some creative cuts to remote unpleasant components of the flavor or aroma.

    This is the territory of the bench top glass still. If you are enjoying the art of gin, and you don't have one of these, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. You'll be able to very quickly hone in on where the right amount is, without wasting a whole lot of alcohol.

    I haven't done anything with either of these, so sorry. I will tell you though, having distilled quite a few different fruits and vegetables, I think you'll have issues with the rhubarb. I suspect it will come over as green and grassy, with little rhubarb flavor. Ginger though, shouldn't be a problem. Given the oil content, I'd tell you where I'd start, about equal to the amount of fresh citrus peel you would use. Suspect a little will go a long way.

    Some of the very delicate aromas or flavors, can be destroyed by the heat of distillation, even with vapor distillation.

  • thanks for the comment grim. I will look into a bench top still. learning all the time

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