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edited January 2018 in General

Just looking for feed back on the where my labels are at. There are two pictures here. The first are the whiskey labels and the next are the gin labels. The winners so far is the black one on the whiskey label and the one on the left for the Gin Labels. Getting very close now.

Cheers and thanks.



656 x 800 - 39K
800 x 514 - 46K


  • Just my first impressions FYI.

    For the whiskey I like the larger font size of the “brook brothers” on the white label but I prefer the parchment style label. If there was a way to combine parchment feel with the black label it’d be no brained. No preference on the logo. Neither jumped out at me.

    On the gin, while I can appreciate the design consistency and “get” the aesthetic, I felt no attraction as a consumer. Worse, I didn’t get the connection with a clear gin and blue color that as a consumer I typically associate with vodka. Had I seen it on the shelf my feeling is that I would have quickly passed it over just due to the lack of connection of the label and colors with gin. It didn’t draw me in at all.

    Not knocking what are elegant and consistent designs in your labels I’m only trying to give a stream of consciousness gut impression for your feedback.

    Keep up the great progress I enjoy seeing your progress reports and gear!


  • @fijispirits. Thanks for the feedback mate. Food for thought.

  • You spelled WHISKY wrong (puts head down in anticipation of major flack) :D

  • Uisge-beatha to be correct, or if it has been distilled four times, uisge-beatha baoghal. ;)

  • Depends where you are from. But an easy fix. My label design guy is used to doing wine labels in Spanish. The first set of designs I got from the guy would have made great wine bottle labels.

  • Brooks Brothers is a globally established brand with a store in Argentina - you are not concerned about an intellectual property action?

  • No mate, My last name is Brook and its not trademarked yet.

  • I reckon they look great and would have picked the same ones you did, the black label and the clouds.

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  • My background in graphic design agrees with your winners!

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