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  • Finally got to use my filter setup. It did a beautiful job. Geo pump worked fine. Well worth the small expense.

    It's wise to take advice from those who know better than you do. Thanks again @grim.

  • Cheers! To crystal clear spirits!

  • Would I be correct in assuming the Masterflex C-flex tubing is suitable for our application? Masterflex # 06424-24 Thanks

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    I'm not sure, it's actually the wall size that's important in a peristaltic pump, not the outer diameter or inner diameter.

    The roller/wall spacing is usually slightly less than 2x the tubing wall size. Too thick, no flow, too loose, no flow.

    Some of the cole-parmer stuff is oddly sized, I ran into that issue before.

  • how do I pick tubing for my Watson Marlow 504U ???

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    I have been using a standard 3/8" heavy wall tubing from the local HBS. Working fine. I was given a roll of C-flex tubing size 24 I believe. Roughly 1/4". Just trying to find out if it is alcohol tolerant.

    Guess I need to dig deeper. Was hoping someone could offer an easy yes/no.

  • Oh you just want to know compatibility?

  • C-flex is a “B” compatibility - good not excellent.

    Probably fine for short term exposure.

  • If short term is about 10-15 gallons once or twice a year then I am good to go. Thanks

  • Yeah no problem at all, will last forever at that rate.

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