My Automated 400L Still

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I am now fairly far into the build and have started on the software. The still is completely automated with PLC control and 8" HMI.

Even the distilled product take off is to be automated and with this I will be controlling distilled reflux. just baulking at the cost of the control valve for this.

None the less I am at the part where I am entering recipe set points and I am at the part where the still will start up by itself during the course of the night and heat up to a predetermined temperature and wait there. So when you arrive in the morning, the kettle heat up is almost complete.

So the question I ask is ............ What is a good temperature to heat up to. I presently have 55°C but am thinking that this is a bit low and ought be looking more towards +65°C.

Thoughts on this ??


heat up.png
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