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Controller Box

edited December 2017 in SD Europe

Hoping I can get some help. (I am in the UK) I’ve wired up my controller box and once I switch it on everything seems to be working fine until I try to adjust it. It just sits at 20amps. I’ve attached pictures of my controller box can anyone tell me if the wiring correct or do I maybe just have a faulty part? Thank you.



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  • Yes that’s the instructions I followed. Hoping it’s all done right. Everything is working i just can’t adjust it and wondered if it’s something I’ve done or a faulty part.

  • @Woody Take another look at Fig 8 in the instructions. You haven't exactly wired things as per the instructions.

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    Ah yes I see the difference. I did have it like that but the same thing was happening it just wouldn’t adjust. So I’ve tried it this way and it’s just the same. Not adjusting. I’ve ordered new parts but thought I’d post to see if anyone seen anything wrong. I’ll wire it back as per StillDragon's instructions with the new parts and see if that works.

  • Does it not adjust the power to the element? Or just not show the adjustment on your amp meter? I would think the amp meter should be on the element side of the ssr. But I know jack about electronics. I could be totally wrong.

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    Please always keep the possible risks in mind when dealing with electricity, which makes me quote our disclaimer from our Terms of Service once again:

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  • I’m the same. I don’t know much about electronics and have tried different ways and the the element stays at the same temperature. It’s running too hot and I can’t adjust it.

  • In Australia the brown sheath is for the Live feed. Your ammeter is fine on the supply side of the SSVR and will last longer in that position. Don't count on the meter being accurate but it should be precise ie the same reading at the same setting.

  • Yes the brown is the same here In the uk. Do you think it all looks okay? I just can’t seem to get the temperature to adjust.

  • Maybe you have a dry solder or bad connection on the potentiometer wires.

    It's not clear from the available documentation if the SSR is max current when there is max potentiometer resistance, or min current with max potentiometer resistance.

    If the potentiometer is always max resistance 'cos the wires are not connecting and you have an open circuit due to a bad wire connection, then this may be telling the SSR to be fully open / max current all the time.

  • This is not a problem as I am told and is solved by switching the potentiomer wires around..... so will be wrong with max at 0% (wrong way round) or will be correct with min at 0% and max at 100&

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    @richard - I thought the problem was it is 100% at all settings of the potentiometer.

  • Thanks

    I’m going to re solder the wires tomorrow @flidget to make sure they have a good connection. If this doesn’t work I’ll just need to try the new parts.

  • Ya dancer ive got it working. Replaced the parts and I’m now all good to go. One more question please, I want to clean my still before I do another run as I’ve not used it in a couple of months. I’ve got some citric acid what would you recommend I do? I was planning on using it with some water and run the still to clean it. Was just needing some advice. Many thanks

  • Just a good wash in a 10% citric solution followed by a wash in 10% base solution and then a good water rinse will do for cleaning.

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