DigiFlow 6700M Connection

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Can anyone tell me what type of connector is needed to connect the red tubing on a DigiFlow 6700M?

I've looked on StillDragon store and couldn't find any push connect female NPT 1/2. I saw only male threaded.

Thanks in advance


  • The 6700m has built in female threads. It will accept a male push connect fitting.

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    From the lok of this:

    Panel 1/2" Digiflow 6710M-44TM Digital Flow Meter count up Gallons GPM 115V cord @ eBay

    I see male threads on both ends on the sensor. Am I not looking at the right place? If you have a picture of it, that'd be great :)


  • I just noticed that I've made a typo in my original question. I meant the 6710m not the 6700m. The one in the link is the one I'm trying to get a hand on it. I'm just trying to figure out how am I going to connect this inline with the existing tubing.

  • Just get couplings from your local home/hardware mega mount. Talking about cooling water, so plastic, brass, stainless, whatever they have will work.

    Little teflon tape to prevent leaks, no problemo!

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  • got it, thanks for the info, didn't think about the coupler at first...

  • one note on the digiflows, they are somewhat limited in the accuracy range...

    • The 1/4" one (ebay filterdirect "1/4" NPT Digiflow 6710M Digital Flow Meter count up Gallons GPM 56"cable USA" ) is what I use on my 4"x1M condenser using a danfoss valve to keep exit temp at 140F, and it is about right at .5GPM per element (mostly I use 1-3 elements, so .5-1.5 (it says 0.16 to 2.1 GPM, it will kind of start near .07, and good by .16, but near 2 gpm, it restricts a normal pump)

    • The 1/2" one (ebay filterdirect "1/2" NPT Digiflow Digital Flow Meter count up total Water Gallons GPM 56"cable" I have on my 8" RC controlled by a Johnson/sestos, it doesn't even read half the time, It states "0.4 to 6.6 GPM", but really needs a good .5 to get it going... I need to be able to flow 2+ gpm to flush the air, so I cannot use the 1/4" one.. I may put in a 1/4" with a 1/2" bypass valve for purging air..

    • I have never calibrated them, it is about 7000 on my 1-10000 priority list...

    • if you use recirculating cooling water, the slimy buildup can mess with them, I had the 1/4" one blocked for a few weeks, I used city water pressure to free it up...

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