New SD boiler

Hey fella's,

It's been awhile since iv'e posted anything, but wanted to express how grateful I am of Punkins hospitality. Last month I spent a few days in Punkins home town. We caught up, had a few beers, invited me in for diner and even took me fishing!!

What can I say, he's a very generous bloke. Thanks very much mate, greatly appreciated!!

While I was there I picked up a few bits and pieces and shiny new 200L boiler for my stripping runs. I ran 150L of TPW though it last Saturday and boy does it make life easier and has reduced my stripping time considerably. It's well worth the investment.

When I was using my 50L keg boiler for stripping I used spit to prevent the 4" sight glass from fogging up. It's a trick I learnt from back in my scuba diving days. The glass manoway on the new boiler is quite a lot larger, I don't think I can produce that much spit!!! haha. So, to those in the know is there a safe product I can use to prevent fogging??

Pic's below, the new and the old.



600 x 800 - 81K
450 x 800 - 49K


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