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The Peristaltic Pump Thread

A lot of you have experience with these pumps, I would appreciate nuggets of knowledge thrown here with regards to:

  • Operation
  • Automation
  • Selecting and sourcing tubing for different heat and vacuum needs..


  • OK, scored a peristaltic for $100 +$39 shipping..

    H143815 Watson Marlow 504U IP55 Drive Washdown Peristaltic Pump (220RPM) @ eBay

    I have some 1/2 and 3/8 translucent silicone high temp brewery hose that the home brew supply places sell for $2.75/ft, and I think I have some 1/2" norprene (opaque beige) that is what home brew stores (northern brewer, etc) used to sell are these proper?

  • I have been likewise looking at ebay for purchase of such pump. What kills it is the freight / delivery costs. Have been toying with the idea of making such pump and running it with a gearbox motor combination and controlled with either a basic speed control or VSD.

  • Well I am just starting, about to do my first stripping run today. But I have used my peristaltic pump a couple of times so far.
    Operation is easy but you have to have the right thin wall silicon hose. I am using a 3/8th silicon hose. And it works reasonably well its just really slow. This thing took about 40 minutes to pump 130 litres of wash. Now the reason why I was using it for wash as my other pump hadnt shown up yet. I havent tried automation or anything else. I just plug it in and it goes. It isnt self priming but a couple of sucks until the fluid is where the pump is and your away. Nice little pump just slow. ( wowww) I am finally doing a post about something relating to actual experience.

  • Peristaltics are nice for spirit pumping, filtration, or low flow wash feeds for continuous stills, even reflux pumping on split stills.

    Moving wash? Eh. I’ve seen 1.5” and 2” wine peristaltics that would work, but lobe pumps and flex impellers rule this world.

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    I use them for continuous metered injection of antiscalant into RO feedwater. Small amounts. <15 gpd.

    The pumps are expensive at $375ea. I change the flex-tube, grease the drive shaft and rollers every 6 months. More often than really needed, but it's an easy and cheap way to avoid leaks and extend pump service life.

    I've used diaphragm and piston pumps for metered chemical feeds, but peristaltic ones do the job well, are easier to work on, and are way less expensive.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • This will be for feed of wash(cold side) to the continuous still..

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    Maybe that restriction should be noted in the thread title and outline given above.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • There are other diaphragm metering, dosing pumps. Aquariums use them and well water systems I've gotten very expensive LMI Milton pumps on ebay for less than $25 and the rebuild kits are about the same. In the end I have a $500 pump for $50.

    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

  • @Kapea said: Maybe that restriction should be noted in the thread title and outline given above.

    not a restriction, not at all.. it would be helpful if people were specific on model/part numbers of pumps and tubing, and if sourced through a retail suppler, who that is...

    you did not supply that information about your pumps, your tubing or what grease you used... that wil help others that read this a year from now...

  • I think the title and first post are pretty descriptive that all information on these pumps is welcome and seems the idea of keeping it all in one thread for ease of reference is a goodun.

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