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Hi all,

Since my last visit to our customers in the UK we have come to the conclusion that we will setup a seminar for our professional distillers.

It is all work in progress until this point, here are the planned topics so far (if there is a topic, you would like to hear about, please let me know, if it is missing here):

  • organoleptic testing of spirits
  • the right oak and how to use it
  • the impact of tasting glasses to a spirit
  • find wrong tones/determine mistakes
  • fruit spirits
  • Gin
  • tasting of spirits from the participants and discussing them
  • vacuum distillation and the benefits/ downsides of it for the taste of products
  • ...

The venue will be most likely in London and as estimated time we think of the week before Easter Sunday 2018.

I think will will be able to fit the seminar in 3 or 4 days, of course you can book only one part, if you are not interested in all of the topics.

We are currently in the process to win over some scientists and lecturers, who are very highly regarded in the distilling business in Europe for this event.

As you know me, I am all about quality and the art of distilling, we strive to have a high class course, which will be both educating and beneficial for you and your business, so there is only a limited quantity of tickets - please get in touch with me soon.

The price is not set yet.

Please send me a PM if you are interested!

StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area


  • of course we welcome also customers from overseas!

    It seems, London is a nice place for a city trip - why not combine some holidays with a distilling seminar? At least you can deduct the travel costs from your income tax - right? :bz

    StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area

  • Great idea mate, sounds like a fun time.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • well, we will sure have fun. :) I am looking forward to visiting the English pubs I like so much.

    The main thing is, it will be a high quality seminar with lecturers that are on the very high end, of what you can think of in the distilling scene.

    The spirits of the participants will be discussed also, it might be a rare chance to have a real pro to look at it. I am really exited about this event.

    StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area

  • Wish I could make it. All of the distillation "universities" that we see around here sound like they're aimed at someone other than me, seeming heavy on bullshit and light on technology and technique. And pricey!

    Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller

    my book, Making Fine Spirits

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