Heating Element Control

I started this week on my steam generator build.

Regarding the heating element and its control I have decided to use a 6KW 380VAC 3 phase element. I decided against a single phase 5.5KW element because I feel that it's on the upper acceptable limit for current loading.

I had originally decided to control the heating element with a SSR with 4-20mA from my PLC (I have spare 4-20mA modules in stock). This is fine for single phase but not so fine with 3 phase because it is not readily available for inexpensive solutions. YES you can buy some expensive Thyristor control for 3 phase and 4-20mA control.

So the question is ... without spending serious money, how can you effect PLC heating control with 3 phase.

Some of the guys I have spoken to have suggested 3 x SSR's in series for 4-20mA control of each phase.

Another has suggested a temperature controller (panel door mounted) which has 3 setpoints where you can drop idividual phase at temperature setpoint and then use a single SSR with 4-20mA on the one phase for fine temperature control.

Suggestions ??


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    Watlow Power Series or Din-A-Mite 3 phase SCR. These both have 0-10v or 4-20ma control input.

    Are you in AU?

    These can be found very inexpensively in the US on Ebay.

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    I'll gladly reship one over to you if you can deal with the shipping waits.

    How many amps per leg do you need?

    Here you go, this one is a touch small for 6kw I think, but should squeeze by if you can keep it cool, 4-20ma control, $21usd.


    or this monster at 65 amps

    Watlow DC21-60F0-S000 @ eBay

    You'd need to confirm your wiring diagrams too, for the element, the first one has 3 legs controlled, the second is 2 leg control.

  • looks brilliant thanks. Let me do a little more homework and then I will contact you.

    cheers Richard

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    Thanks @grim I managed to come right.

    I managed to get a 4-20mA, 3 phase, 30A controller for a brilliant price. Out of the box brand new and controls all three phases. The company concerned had stopped this particular model and only was now doing +60A as their smallest size. So they gave it to me at cost and at a price that I could not refuse. They have two more at 30A one of which I will take next month. A 50A was marginally more expensive.

    The next one for next month I will use a pot / temperature to control whereas the controller for today will be via my PLC.


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