[SOLD] 5" Crystal Dragon Pro Model in Adelaide

Hi all

I'm looking at selling my 5" Crystal Dragon Pro Model with added extras like the 4x5"c/d with packed stainless an electric parrot and a few extra stainless parts every thing in the picture I'm wanting to sell as hole set and not willing to sell part of.

All decent offers considered I have spent a bit over $4000 all parts except the 5"x510 pipe extension have been used and all are still in good order


800 x 600 - 124K


  • Nice stuff Jez . I got it all but did like your packed section. Will make someone a great kit all sorted out. By memory you had a excellent boiler. That up for sale ?

  • @jez just looked back at your boiler. You get it finished. Something like that would be my dream come true. Fiddling around with a keg boiler definitely has its limitations but also a necessity for stuff like gin.

  • Hi all

    This system is now sold. Thanks

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