Infected Dunder Rum

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This recipe is for a 15.5 gal 2" keg potstill, I'll explain my recipe, fermentation and how I distill.

18lbs domino dark brown sugar
2 gal feed molasses 
1/2 cup fleischmann's bread yeast
20 gal fermenter
  • Heat up 5 gal of water to 150°f
  • Add 2 gal of moll and dark brown sugar, I mix mine with a ss mortar mixer to aerate well.
  • Once mixed thoroughly, the top off water to achieve 16 gallons.
  • Take a temp reading, for me it's around 85-90°f
  • Take .5 quart of wash and .5 quart water and pitch yeast in a gallon sized jug or equivalent, within 20 minutes it should've at least doubled in size.
  • Pitch yeast into fermenter and give a gentle stir, put on the top and wait!!!
  • At 90°f it should ferment dry in 3 to 5 days
  • Since I run a thumper (15.5 gal) I'll normally run this in one run like a spirit run, I heat up pretty fast ( propane ) until things start moving along on their own, attach crossover to thumper and wait till I see some product flowing from the worm. I cut the hear down until I see a pencil lead sized stream flowing.
  • I'll collect 1 pint of fores and early heads, then start collecting in small jars for the entirety of the run.
  • Let your nose do the picking as yours and my taste may differ in what stays and is rerun later.

I hope someone will try this and see how it make a wonderful sipping rum either white or nuke aged or traditional aging.

I forgot to mention, I do large washes to accommodate my still and thumper.

If you decide to strip run this, it will produce 10 gal low wines at 35%

If you have some dunder (fresh or aged or infected) I suggest to add no more than 25% total volume for a spirit run unless you'd like to rerun it due to over funk!!!

Well that's my rum recipe, I hope to hear some feedback from anyone willing to share.



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    Love the funk, but I think your math is off. No way you can get 10 gallons of 35% from approximately 30 pounds of fermentable sugars. 6 gallons of 35% would be the ideal yield scenario, with real world falling probably closer to the 5 mark than the 6.

    Or are you talking about somehow stripping through a loaded thumper? Which if loaded with the previous strip, would get closer to your total yield amount.

  • my math shows that a pound of sugar is about .1 proof-gallon and a pound of molasses (43 TSAI) is about 0.04 proof gallon potential...

    that is 1.8 (18 * 0.1) and .96 (12lbs/gal * 2 gal * 0.04) = 2.76 Proof gallons

    divided by 70 proof is 4 gallons of 35% ( 2.76 PG / 0.70 = 3.943)

    ***my actual example

    a week ago we made our first wash run of rum on our pot still, fermentation was 20gal + 40LB:

    20 gal molasses (12 * 20 * 0.04) = 9.6 40lb panela (40 * 0.1) = 4

    Total of 13.6 proof gallons

    what did I actually get? I got 15 gal of 87 proof, which is 13.17

    the kicker is that does not count a liter of 100+ proof fores or the 1 gallon of late tails with what smells like has rum oils in them, there is a half proof gallon in those, so I am right on the money....

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    18 pounds of dark brown sugar - assume 100% fermentable, even though it's probably not

    2 gallons of feed grade - 23 pounds - assume 50% fermentable (11.5lbs sugar equivalent), even though it's probably not.

    That's 29.5 pounds of sugar in 16 gallons, 13% fully attenuated, so let's assume that although it's probably not the case.

    16 gallons of 13% contains 2.08 gallons of pure alcohol. Stripping this at a final 35% would give you a highly optimistic 5.9 gallons of low wines - an unrealistic best best best case.

  • Even though it femented dry I'm sure that there is plenty of unfermentable sugars. When I said I get 10 gallons... that's diluted from 25 gal strip.

    I fill my 15.5 gal boiler to 12.5 gal as I kow rum pukes like a girl on prom night. lol

    And the same on my thumper which heats up a bit slower than the primary and even if it pukes it's just a strip run and will clear on the spirit.

  • Jeez. The longer I'm out of the USA the harder it is for me to reckon gallons and pounds!!

    My conversion rate on raw cane sugar to 95% is something like 1.8-2kg to a liter output.

    No idea how many proof gallons that is. Maybe .9?

  • @Fiji_Spirits said: Jeez. The longer I'm out of the USA the harder it is for me to reckon gallons and pounds!!

    My conversion rate on raw cane sugar to 95% is something like 1.8-2kg to a liter output.

    No idea how many proof gallons that is. Maybe .9?

    1 liter is 0.264172 gallon

    1 liter of 95%(190 proof ) is 0.264172 * 1.90 = 0.5019268

    so you are at 4kg for a proof gallon, which is 8.8lb, I am saying 10lbs per proof gallon, you are saying 8.8... close enough for what we are doing.. but far off from the theoretical max...

    chemically speaking:

    The molecular mass of sucrose is 342.3 grams per mole (g/mol), so 1k g of sucrose is 02.9214440066693004 mol

    1 mol sucrose yields 2 mol glucose which yields 4 mol EtOH, so 2.92 * 4 = 11.68 moles of ethanol

    1 mol ethanol is 46.07g.. 11.68 moles is 538.1 grams of ethanol, which is 789g/l so 682ml ethanol per Kg sugar.

    this is 1.47 kg per liter of 100%, or 1.39Kg per liter of 95%

    bottom line - there are a lot of inefficiencies! not 100% sucrose, other alcohols being produced, evaporation of alcohol with the co2, sugars not being fermented, fores, tails, leaks...

  • Yes, 12.5 gal in boiler and 12.5 gal in thumper.

    I mentioned that at the bottom of the post and not the top, sorry...

    I said I make large washes to accommodate both boiler and thumper.

    I have a wash ready to strip but the wife had a tooth extraction and I'm having to deal with her for now, maybe a shot or two of some peach brandy would make her fall out. lol

    Then I could strip this rum and get another 2 infections going as I'd like to finish up this rum experiment before my apple season starts.

    I've got everything I need but my apple chopper isn't ready yet, I have a piece of 10" ID 304 ss tube from work around 5' lg That was scrap and the owner said have at it sooooo I did.

    I strip 25 gallons to retrieve 7 gal low wines then dilute down to get 10 gal at 35% then use 2.5 gal of infected dunder to get my 12.5 gal boiler charge.

    I use no thumper in the spirit run although if I were a little more patient I could load both.

    Since these are experiments with the dunder I wanna keep it at the volume mentioned and if they turn out as planned THEN I'll make a shit ton!!!

    The original post is for rum without dunder and it make a fine sipper.

    The dunder is for fun.


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