1.5" Silicone Gasket for the SDE 1.5" x 3/4" Tri-Clamp Reducer Short

Sorry to have to post again about problems with items supplied by @SDeurope. I'm sure I'm just unlucky. Either that, or they are unlucky i order so much kit from them :D.

The 1.5" Silicone Gasket just supplied with the 1.5" x 3/4" Tri-Clamp Reducer Short is too small for the raised part of the gasket to fit in the groove / ring on the tri-clamp.

SD Europe says "the gaskets have to be streched a bit". This stretch is about 1.5mm - huge mismatch. I don't want boiling liquid all over me, so does anyone know how you stretch a silicone gasket uniformly to make it about 1.5mm bigger without destroying it?

I've had the odd gasket that didn't fit in the other size tri-clamps, but it's never been this far out, and it's two gaskets as I ordered a spare. I appreciate there needs to be a manufacturing tolerance, but the gaskets are the primary part of the tri-clamp seal and so it's essential they are a good fit.


  • what is wrong with writing via e-mail to me directly? I have answered everything within a very short time on a saturday.

    Yes, you can stretch the thing without braking it. I have rather too tight gaskets than too large. They seal.

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  • They shrink in cold weather and so.etimes are outs little any way. If they are a little too small as said just stretch them a bit with your fingers and they ho in easy.

    Dont think you will have any hot liquid all over you.......

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  • @Sunshine What's wrong with asking the community? I expected it's happening all the time. Appreciated you responded by email, but I didn't expect that 'cos it's the weekend. As you know only too well from you inbox, I need things I buy to work first time. I apologise for my strong wording in the first sentence of the original post, it was over the top inflammatory.

    I'm sorted now. It's the first time for me that any gaskets have needed stretching. Testament to the quality I guess. I didn't realise how tough they were. Add this tip to the manual or your web site. Yes, too small is better than too big so lucky I didn't stretch too far.

    @punkin It's unusually hot here right now, so these couple of gaskets may need more work when its colder. This is to add standard Camlocks to the drain on the milk can boiler, so it was going to be hot liquid everywhere until people sorted me out. Thanks for adding the key bit of info - "with your fingers", which @sunshine also emailed directly.

    Always assume I'm clueless, 'cos I am.

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    Sorry i didn't make that assumption as the level of clueless you are talking about is rarely seen in as dangerous an environment as distillation.

    We work in an environment where hot liquids are only one of the potential hazards, the others like electricity, explosive gasses and flammable liquids being a more deadly hazard.

    If you really are as clueless as you say perhaps you should consider carefully your chosen path.

    Apologies if i come across as condescending, my language skills are not as good as some others.

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  • Language skills come with practice, don't give up, keep going, you will get there (maybe).

  • Thanks. Maybe I'll just have to settle for being understood.

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  • People may think less of me for not being an expert gasket puller, and that is how it should be.

    Herein lies a cautionary tale not to be treated lightly.

    Gasket pulling is the key to safety for SD supplied components. Some people know how to do it. Some don't. Some are naturals from birth. Some ask, but they are ridiculed.

    Some just simply don't know they need this vital skill, maybe they never encounter that evil little piece of silicone that simply doesn't fit, or maybe they are fundamentally not strong enough to give really good pulls in quick succession to awake the silicone from it's slumber, get it hot and expanding to the size originally purchased.

    For the latter, these poor souls operate in dire jeopardy. As they inevitably end up a victim of any and all of the potential hazards, dutifully listed above in scary terms by concerned and diligent @punkin. But alas, his message was misunderstood.

    But fear not and rest assured, that the quite impressive and perfectly sized straight out of the factory, SD equipment stamp will survive to be discovered amidst the devastation left behind by the unskilled gasket puller.

    This will lead the Authorities directly to this forum where it will be patiently explained, amidst the grief of loosing a fellow enthusiast, that they were simply, a hopeless gasket puller. As such, destined to suffer at least one, if not all of the catastrophes listed above.

    You tried to warn them off, but to no avail. It was a simple case of somebody who was clueless as to the essencial art of gasket pulling.

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