Unusual Still

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A mate of mine went to a small distillery here in Armenia and sent me this photo.
It looks like a simple potstill with an inline 3 stage carbon filter system. Interesting but I wouldnt drink it.


600 x 800 - 142K


  • Not sure what the 3rd one is .... Kieselghur ???

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    I think the last one is some kind of cotton filter to filter the carbon. I prefer StillDragon gear myself.

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    Odd combination.

    The railings are awesome though.

  • It certainly has a steampunk feeling to it.

    Drinking? That would heavily depend on what's being run and how they're making the cuts...

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    Cuts, how do you do cuts?

    The way it's configured, it looks like they just run everything through the contraption.

    The smearing in the canisters would be astronomical. I could see how a heads cut would be made, but what do you do on a tails cut?

    Or maybe, just no cuts. Someone brought me back some plum brandy from eastern europe a few months back. Was absolutely awful, no cuts at all. It was like drinking a stripping run. They were enamored with it. All I could think was "are you drinking the same thing I'm drinking?"

  • Parrot and the filtering seems disconnect-able. Looking at it, I would do a strip with the fleet set-up and then spirit run collecting straight from parrot

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