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I love my Stills

After months of lurking here and posting comments and feeling like a lurker. I have finally got my boilers from my tank guy here. These are the first 2. The next one the composite dual 8 plate vodka column I get tomorrow but the column is still in Chile. The one on the left is my 150l gin still and the right is a 220l combined still for making whiskey and trying recipes. All of the columns are excellent SD gear, thanks @punkin. Now I need some bits and peices and a location and I can start. When I get back from my next site rotation I will test run them all and maybe make a bit of Gin.
Thank you to everyone on this board for support and sharing your experience.


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  • Looks great mate. I like how you have the dent in the helmet front and centre. When Mongrel and Rogue Distillery bought the dented 200l boiler they are using it as a branding handle. They will be releasing Dented Gin, Very Dented Gin etc.

    I love the boilers too, they look sweet.

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  • Yes mate, I was going to use that when the visitors come to the distillery. They will ask is that dent important. I will say of course. It gives different whiskies a different flavour. Complete bullshit but a good story.
    I will get the other two boilers tonight and post more pics. Thanks SD and thanks @punkin mate.

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    Ok for the Welders out there.




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  • Very nice. Your guy does good work.

  • Awesome gear Don!!

    Looking goooood B-)

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    Did you get this bit right?


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  • Yes. And the plate with the downcomer tube to below liquid level is made. All the piping is being made this week for the vapor tubing. The foto was taken during the fit up session. I have to get my SD codka column into argentina. Thats proving to be difficult. Hey Smaug. I will email you on some things i need next week and do an order. Thanks for asking.

  • @DonMateo

    Technically a set of parts from SD without a boiler is just a bunch of pipe fittings. Not a still until or if you assemble it and operate it as one.

    Right? ;)

  • Very nice boilers I like the wheels on the bottom.

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    @Smaug. Here is my vapor lock to go under the dash. It goes down to about 100mm above and to the side of the elements. I think i got it right.


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    Ok well after lits of pushing and some smuggling of components over the boarder here is my hybrid still complete. I am plumbing up the cooling lines on monday. Thanks to SD, smaug and punkin. Getting very close now.


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  • Wow! So beautiful! Have you done your first run yet? I did my first last Saturday DA:O

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    Not yet. I did cleaning runs on my gin still and my Hybrid still. So I got alcohol out but nothing I could sell.

    I will do first spirit runs in about 2 weeks. How was yours @MotherOfDragon. Successful? Tasty?

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    Thanks for the compliment @MotherOfDragon. It has taken a long time and lots of hours pacing my lounge room at 3 am.

  • The alcohol was really tasty, but it is nothing I will keep. I have to let the electrician program the heaters a bit more. The temperature went up too fast.

    I tossed almost all of it back in the boiler again and will run it again for a second cleaning run.

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    Glad to hear your moving ahead @MotherOfDragon. I still haven't found a place yet so i am doing my tests in my garage. How is you fire station working out?

  • @DonMateo just a short hint, notifications of mentions only work if a forum user is mentioned properly, so the "@" with full username without space.

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  • Thanks @moonshine. Your a winner mate.

  • My think my five heaters are very effective. They are warming up the wash (400 liters) in 1,5 - 2 hours time.

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