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Saw a word today that impressed me no end. I always just called it a feeling of being grateful and happy with your lot. Being very grateful for being one of the 'haves' and enjoying and taking satisfaction from the nice things you have around you.
Today i found that feeling is described by the word Ataraxia.

For Epicureanism, ataraxia was synonymous with the only true happiness possible for a person. It signifies the state of robust tranquillity that derives from eschewing concerns about an afterlife, not fearing the gods (because they are distant and unconcerned with us), avoiding politics and vexatious people, surrounding oneself with trustworthy and affectionate friends, realizing that the physical things one needs to be happy are few and that pain seldom lasts long, and, most importantly, being an affectionate, virtuous person, worthy of trust.

Ataraxia @ Wikipedia

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