Product Condenser and Dephlegmator, both needed?

What is the advantage of having both product condenser and Dephlegmator?

Can't I have one of them only?


  • I see you are in Lebanon. You don't need a depleted when operating a pot still but need one for reflux if using a plate or packed column. What you going to make as any info on making raki would be good as it is one of my favourites.

  • you mean Arac the Lebanese traditional drink.Actually I want to produce Vodka from apples

  • Yes that's it. Read the Read Me First section at very top of the topics You want to make something like French Calvados or completely flavourless vodka style.

  • completely flavorless vodka

  • You will need a reflux still to do that which will need a PC and RC ( Dephleg ) and a fair bit of equipment. Read that section as it will help lots. Once you have made the neutral you could then turn it into Arak like I am trying to do.

  • which section are you referring to

  • The second top topic line of the Recent Discussions page the is a read me first topic. Will help you lots.

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