Pump for recirculating cooling

Has anyone found a pump that the SD blue hose fits up to nicely without buying any fittings? This is the last piece I need to order for my setup! Getting excited!


  • The blue hoses qd fitting is available in 1/2" BSP thread which will fit all pumps with a simple reducer and most suitable ones without the reducer.

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  • @punkin any recomendations on a pump that wont break the bank but be able to pump to the top of the refulx condencer..and also not blow up with restricted flow.

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    A cheap submersible sump pump mate. Not sure what country you are in but in Australia they are $70 odd at the hardware stores.

    Ozito 350W Dirty Water Submersible Water Pump @ Bunnings Warehouse AU

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  • i have been using a big aquarium mag drive pump for years.

    cheap alternatives are a bilge pump or a washing machine pump

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    Find someone with a used aquarium, pond, or small fountain pump.

    @punkin - my 1000 liter 12" still uses less than 90 watts for both recirculation pumps. With the 4"x1m condenser, I can push 60 liters per hour.

    350 watt pump? Thats a monster. I have an old aquarium pump for my little rig - it's a Danner Mag Drive - I don't know if that brand is out in Au/Nz, but the little Danner Mag 5 was just fine. But, you gotta look at the pump specs and check the flow rate at your head height.

    That big pump would be good if your reservoir was some distance away, or outside - and you had some very long hose lengths and height on the dephleg.

  • I ordered this for $10.39 to test, and gave it to a guy who has a 4" CD... (select the largest one, 264GPH, from the drop down) , it is 220v, but if you have a 220 element, well, then you have 220V.... heck, it is even in the same state as you....

    106 - 264 GPH Submersible Pump Aquarium Fish Tank Fountain Water Hydroponic 220V @ eBay

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    @grim i used bilge pumps for years on pot and reflux stills and upgraded to a sump pump when i started using a plated column as the 12v pumps weren't supplying enough water for me in the summer time. I used the 12v pumps because i couldn't get an aquarium pump that had enough head at a reasonable price back then. I could never have used the one yCotherman recommend as it has a maximum lift height of 3 feet (4.5' for the largest model).
    I imagine your 12" column is a little taller than that.

    If anyone can get away with a smaller pump well and good, the one i recommended will work.

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    This is the pump I ended up going with:

    PonicsPump PP40016: 400 GPH Submersible Pump with 16' Cord - 25W… for Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Fountains, Ponds, Statuary, Aquariums & more. Comes with 1 year limited warranty. @ Amazon.com

    Works well and will easily pump to the top of the baby dragon! Needed a 1/2in npt to 5/16ths (i think) barbed fitting for the SD hoses. Also flows super fast if need be...I dont have any exact numbers of what it flows through post needle valve but its quick. Time will tell how long it lasts.

  • I saw at a craft brewer auction this last weekend, ...... they were using washing machine pumps for their water distribution. Thought this was brilliant. They even had them installed with pump bodies in Tupperware containers. Quite impressed as washing machine pumps are dirt cheap and can be purchased wholesale from various distributers.

  • @richard and needless to say, not sanitary. Wondering how the brewer got his food establishment license

  • At an auction? So they failed? Not surprising if they thought washing machine pumps in Tupperware containers was a good idea.

  • they may not be sanitary - but then again they don't need to be for pumping coolant thats not in contact with wash or liquor.

    but agree the execution might be better

  • Exactly that ... they are for water distribution be it hot or cold. No they are not dealing with product. I thought it good because they were craft / home brewers nand were thinking out the box. ... Tupperware box :-O

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