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Hello I am being given a mountain of quinces in a few weeks. I was going to mascerate them in neutral and then redistill. Would love to know if anyone has experience with quince they could please share? Thanks.



  • Not with alcohol but have a killer Persian Quince and Lamb Soup ( stew ) . Most delicious and also good old quince paste ( though i don't have one - kids are good for something ) done in a thermomix works a treat and super easy. At least that goes well with alcohol so is partially on track of your thread. Will watch this space for alcohol ideas as quince season is all but upon us . Let me know if the soup idea tickles your fancy and i will send recipe.

  • No experience mashing but drinking. Why not add some dust and ferment it? Have a nice bottle sitting on my shelf and is delicious

  • @yurgle. An article in todays weekend magazine about guys in Adelaide making 36short Rakia so i checked what it was online. Its the same as Pisco using shiraz grape fermentation and single distillation in a pot still. Just happened on a you tube video called rakija od dunje which is 9 minutes of making rakija and distilling using quince. Starts right from prep stage so might be of interest. In Serbian or something but you can get the drift.

    You are missing out if you dont try my quince and lamb recipe.

  • usually our farmers cook the quince first and the mash it. They have to break it down to flakes first and it needs some water to cook the fruits (we are not supposed to use water for mashing by the law here, but it just does not work without). It is pretty good what they distill from but due to the work quince brandies are very expensive here.

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    I'm guessing quince is low in pectin? Seems like cooking would set the pectin - and the methanol concerns that go with pectin.

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    I saw somewhere while trawling thru the concept that the return was only something like 1 liter for 16 kg fruit. Seems low ( and a case where a little sugar would go a long way ). I don't think you could do quinces without water as they are very dry.

    If they peeled the quince it would reduce the pectin quite considerably but that would be a lot of work. I know from making quince paste most of it is in the skin.

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