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Share your fav Whiskey recipes, AU measurements and ingredients preferred - but open to all.

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Hi all, I've just put down a few batches of whiskey wash and seems there are tons of recipes out to use, but what do you find works out well for us ozzies when it comes to sourcing ingredients and such. I've just done this wash with 2lt cracked corn, 1lt barley, 1lt wheat, chucked boiling water over it, added 4kg sugar, stir and waited for 2 hours top with cold water, pinch of dap, 50-60 gm bakers yeast and its off and running. This will be my first gen, so I'm open to suggestions.

I personally would like to finish up with something that tastes a lot like Canadian Club if anyone can chip in. I believe I need some rye for my taste, but seems hard to get for whatever reason, what alternatives do we have?

Plan is to strip, then run with my new 2 (or 3) plate dash/hybrid if that sounds ok. Hopefully I will not need to use vodka and essence anymore.

Thanks Guys




  • Fadge, where are you? most decent home brew shops (eg craftbrewer, grain & grape, Marks home brew, daves home brew, absolute....) stock rye malt.

    Personally I'm on a mission to move to full AG bourbon as mates aren't huge fans of UJSM. today I did a cleaning run on the steam generator & tried to get some rice hulls - but could only get 125kg - a little more than i need haha.

    The plan is to use 10kg flaked maize, 4 kg rye & 2kg ale malt (barley) for a 50l batch. Have just picked up enzymes and the grain, but would like to add a kg or 2 of rice hulls to make lautering easier.

  • 125Kg of rice hulls? Methinks that is more than anyone needs.

  • Unless you are aiming for a spicy bourbon, I'd reverse the rye and barely amounts.

  • Malt rye goes for about $5-6 a kilo if buying small amounts. About $70 for 25kg at bulk prices.Same with barley malt. You can get some corn products at the feedstore designed for horses, but make sure you specify whole grains, otherwise they can try to sell you pelleted stuff.

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  • I have a 10ltr batch of extract whiskey aging, one of franks recipes with a dose of peet reak i went pretty deep around 48-45% into tails so need it to sit a while its sitting on charred oak that had been used for a gen 6 ujsm currently @ 78% abv i will have to split the batch to dilute so i will be doing some tasting soon enough to get it down to a nice sipping strength

  • Hi, all been making my "whisky" sugar wash for a while now, think I'm roughly up to generation 8 or 9, one every 5 or 6 weeks seems to work out for me. The taste and smell when strippng seems to be getting better as I progress. Grain is 50% cracked corn, 25% whole wheat, 25% barley, replacing around 1lt each run, bit of tap water, the use hot backset/wash to dissolve sugar, cool a bit, toss in in with added water up to the level, lid on on leave it go. takes a few hours then bubbles for 3 or 4 weeks at least.

    Now once stripped and then run with a dash (still experimenting with plates and output abv%) the tase is ok. Currently doing a dominoe comparison as well so I understand the different flavor profiles that can be achieved.

    HOWEVER it all seems to be more bourbon tasting rather than whisky.

    Apart from AG brewing- not ready to jump just yet, Is there something I can change with a grain/sugar wash that may direct me more towards whisky?

    What is the general understanding of what is a bourbon wash vs a whisky wash?

    Is some type of malt something that I could use in the wash or if I add some liquid malt in the boiler on the spirit run would the flavor carry through?

    There seems to be dozens of recipes in use, and they all seem to have a following that indicates "this is good stuff" etc.

    Before getting into this hobby my commercial drink of choice was Candiian Club, loved it. Not a fan of black douglas, jonnie or the others, don't mind single malt, or the better ones out there.

    I moved to another town and a career change for my wife, on the promise of at least a bottle of CC waiting for me every Friday night and plenty of loving... both things did not last for too least I can make my own booze !! :))


    I hope she does not read these forums.

  • Try removing 1/2 the corn an replace with Rye Or Malted rye! Or do a wheat/rye at 50/50, if the rye is to strong do a 75/25,have been making the Wheat/rye at 75/25 for over a year now and it is becoming my favorite!

    It is what you make it!

  • I'd definitely recommend the whiskey method my neighbours boss used. It's posted here somewhere, wherever Moonshine put it. It uses malt extract so you don't have to do an actual mash. A very big step up in cost, but a very big step up in authenticity and quality too. For a Canadian whiskey i'd be adding rye, but whether you have to mash it or not?

    Seems it is available as an extract (at cost). Maybe better off looking at a mini mash.

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  • Mine is not a mash,it is a sugar head,but as a side note I did put together a rye/wheat mash yesterday and it is crankin along in the fermenter today,and hard I may added,and use some of Pints enzymes along with it, they work as advertised! :)>-

    It is what you make it!

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    @punkin said: I'd definitely recommend the whiskey method my neighbours boss used. It's posted here somewhere, wherever Moonshine put it.

    Must be this one: Fine Scotch Whiskey

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    That'd be it. Seems my post has been edited.

    What i said was that the recipe is not Harry's recipe.

    It is an adaption of his method that was developed by my neighbours boss. Recipe is called Fine Scotch Whiskey.

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  • Thanks guys, and @crozdog sent me a rye sugar mash/wash recipe as well, common ground appears to be far less corn, rye either malted grain or even liquid malt, and I may get somewhat closer to what I prefer. Bloody long time between starting something then tasting in this hobby of ours.


  • @fadge said: Bloody long time between starting something then tasting in this hobby of ours.

    And THAT'S why a master distiller is usually like 300 years old.

  • @Fadge

    Have you tried nuking your hooch yet with chips or staves/domino's? I think you might get a drink you like the profile of much faster by combining nuking and putting it in a keg or on wood... in fact much more rapidly than you would ever imagine...

  • Guys, I have 50LT of feints from my runs, should I run this as product or run for neutral?

    Or is it worth doing at all ?, seems its all just heads and tails anyway.


  • @fadge I'd definitely do a spirit run and cut off when getting into the tails.
    The heads are always good for recycling into neutral but the tails not so much.
    That's with a plated still. A pot still I'm not so sure about working the tails for recycle, might be a good thing.

    An all feints run can be really great. The middle third should be keepers.

  • @lloyd running now 5 plates and 500mm packed section, so neutral it is. That is how the setup was for my last run, so I could not be bothered changing it for a spirit run!


  • @fadge have you tried your longer (1m?) packed section with some plates yet?

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