Polugar - Old Style Russian Vodka

So I was passing through Sheremeyvo airport at about 11 pm last night looking for an unusual bottle of booze and I found this stuff.

Полугар - POLUGAR

Its basically a white whiskey made from different flavours. They have flavors that are wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley, blackbread and one more. So I thought hell why not. I bought the Barley and buckwheat, by mistake as I really wanted the rye. But anyway its great stuff. The good thing is not the booze which is really nice but its a different classification of a historical drink that could be used in labelling. I was trying to think of a classification for white dog, that sounded different with a different historical story and Polugar is it. Nineteen century style Vodka. So what is it like, pretty nice really, the buckwheat has a bit more bite but the barley is very nice and buttery with a lot of flavour and mouth feel. Not like the very smooth but almost predictable taste of russian high purity vodkas.

Anyway nice drop and nice story. I had to share as I feel I have been lurking while my distillery plans are moving forward. I am now involved in a second distillery start up in Chile that will be taking all of my SD gear, as well as my plans for my start up in Mendoza Argentina. The distillery in Chile will be starting first product runs of Pisco in about 4 weeks. Meanwhile I am in Armenia slaving like a white kaffir. But start ups are not free.


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    You gunna make Peruvian Pisco in Chile or Chillian Pisco?

    My brew made around Christmas is pretty good. The grape flavour is there and it makes a nice sour. Quite happy with it.

    I see they recommend a Rye Polugar and a fine expensive Cuban cigar ( in the goes with section). Sounds good.

  • Hey mate. I am going to make Chileno pisco but the grapes are supposed to be very special with a light dry flavour. We shall see. The polugar is a nice drop. They have a few blends i will try when I come back through moscow. So did you make some pisco sours with your pisco mate?? Good on you.

  • I understand where you are coming from as my brew was made from Tarac sweet fruity muscatel concentrate ( as we have discussed before ) and the background is a bit that flavor though some say its a good taste. I will have to have a go with their dry white concentrate and leave the sweet brew for my soon to be Raki. That will be put thru a few plates so will be more refined. In fact i am considering adding raisins to that ferment as in the origins of Raki / Arak they use raisins or dried figs.

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