415V & 240V Control Board Specs & Fitout

Gday SD.

Ok so Romar elements have sorted me out for the 415v custom elements.

Next is Control Gear.. Who & where in AUS is doing commercial control fit out?

BNE - SE QLD location preferred but not a necessity.



  • Wish I could help but Im too far away.

  • also think about your control mechanisms as that will define your setup. eg PLC based or PID?

    have a look at what Sherman Owens does in the US for distillery control panels. he owns the artisan distiller sites inc forum

    Any decent sparkie will be able to build it out for you, however control system design and configuration is another thing entirely.

    Dont forget things like auto safety eg low level switches & emergency power off buttons.

    The sutronics controllers i suggested are a direct replacement for the SD controllers but are a bit fancier.

  • I'd be talking to @Mickiboi if it was me.

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