Nonalcoholic Malt Beverage

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I tried an apple flavoured non alcoholic malt beverage this morning.

Simply put it was great and this then got me looking a little bit into .... how you brew a malt non alcoholic beverage.

Briefly the info so far is ..... they talk about taking a finished fermented alcoholic beer, and then reheating to evaporate the alcohol.... basically we are back into distilling.

But taking that product left behind in the kettle and re-dosing with yeast is shit as far as I am concerned.

Any more informed ideas on what better or how to do ????

And compliments for the new year to all.


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    Would imagine anything put through atmospheric distillation temperatures would be awful.

    Would suspect it's either done through specialized reverse osmosis filters or vacuum distillation. I think the RO approach is now more common than vacuum.

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    Or ship it off to a dealc'er.

  • Very interesting. Knowing very little about the supplier of the product I would "guess" that they are using RO. It is a low investment company without adequate finances. Conetech it can not be because all alcohol is out and Conetech takes it down to 4%.

    I was also looking at vacuum distilling this morning but for sure they are not doing this process as they had quite some thousand litres production.

  • The company I used to work for sold dialysis plants for beverage dealcoholisation.
    I think they did rising film systems too but I can't find anything on them.
    There's a company here in Oz that does it from wine. They actually fractionize everything that comes off and put the fusels etc back in for flavor. I think it was some sort of centrifugal distillation.
    The Alpha system says it's Diafiltration so they I think they filter out everything bigger than an ethanol molecule then top it back up with water.
    I don't think any of the evaporative methods use elevated temps but there are certainly continuous systems.
    There's no cheap backyard way to do it that I know of. Perhaps there's a precipitation method that can be utilized??

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    A bit further along the road with this one now.

    It is a NON FERMENTED MALT BEVERAGE. So immediately after the brew, crash cool, add hops, flavour or whatever, package with either flash pasteurise / tunnel pasteurise process.

    I would like to believe simple but we will give it a try.

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    God that would be sweet unless it was a very thin mash. Hops are usually added during the boil BTW.

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