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Do you use Feints for Rum?

edited December 2016 in General

As the title suggests, I've got 5 Litres of feints collected on my last rum spirit run, is it good practice to add them to my next rum spirit run or is it not needed for making rum?


  • Yep :-bd, It's more about recovering alcohol than anything else. In the end very little alcohol is lost from the system. Especially with regards to pot still'en, the heads and tails cuts should just be considered a buffer that can be reused over and over again.

  • No problem when pot stilling.

    Not worth it when using forced reflux imo.

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  • I totally get the point about only using them if pot stilling, I was wondering more in general terms of feints are commonly used for rum.

    I know they are for Whisky just not sure they are used commercially for Rum.

  • @Smaug said: No problem when pot stilling.

    Not worth it when using forced reflux imo.

    Exactly. The stuff I am left with really has nothing more to give.

  • edited December 2016

    Product yield agree - but if you are going for heavy high esters - my tests show it's beneficial to recycle the high boiling alcohols.

    Probably rare in commercial, as most of these producers are running continuous rigs.

  • Maggie's Farm & other brands - Award-Winning 'Queen's Share' Rum as I understand is a Feints Run Hearts cut..

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