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Just starting out & cooling water pump

Hi All,

New here and have spent many hours a day this past week reading this forum inside and out, such a helpful community and resource! But I still have some questions i couldnt find answers to.

I am just about to acquire my first still, 4" Dash 2 model with 50L Milkcan Boiler. Just trying to make an itemized list of everything I will need to get started, as I am living on Norfolk Island and getting anything shipped here is a monumental task and best to do it all at once.

Is there any not so obvious equipment that is essential to get started distilling? or even if you have a list of your own, your input would be much appreciated!

Trying to find what model / size / rate cooling water pump would be sufficient for running the dash 2 would be recommended by you guys?

Thanks in Advance,


  • A wonderful place. I was there in '86.
    Are you guys paying Aussie tax yet?
    Have you got your consumables sorted?

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    I use one of the keg king pumps at the moment. works beautifully for me. as far as gear goes - grab some extra hydrometers...

  • @jacksonbrown as of July this year we are not under the aussie tax system yep, but we are GST exempt on purchases from Oz still. Which is nice! .. would be great for you to come visit again, not much has changed which is the beauty of it!

    I have cleaning and sterilization supplies, some DAP and citric acid, also all my ingredients for TPW which im planning to start learning with. Are other consumables such as carbon and clearing agent necessary if not using turbo yeast?

    @yurgle thanks! i will check it out now and grab a couple more hydrometres

  • Collection jars!!! Had everything else and nearly had to use plastic buckets... had it not been for my quick thinking SWMBO!

  • Fermenters including additional buckets for cleaning
    Spare seals and glass kits
    Brewing pump (especially if you can't drain from boiler directly)
    Fittings to backflush your tower (I went from hose through an opening to unclamp the surge breaker and attached a 2"TC with a hose fitting)
    At least a spare for everything glass (hydrometer, alcometer, testing tube)
    Don't got for anything plastic with spirits (tubing, testing tube)
    Plenty of silicone tubing. Make a plan, then double it ;-)
    If you're going electric & depending on your local supply, a spare element and spare SSVR

    I'm using "standard" yeasts for my fermentations (beer, wine, bread or DADY) and they work fine but I'm not going above 8% pot ABV.

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    Welcome mate.
    Glass measuring beakers, one tall graduated one for alcometer testing (250ml) two graduated collection ones (one litre) that you can swap out and then tip into empty spirits bottles to make your cuts.

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  • Google: "Norfolk Island" ..... WOW!

    Welcome to SD

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    Yeah it's a funny ol setup.

    I used to house share with a girl from there. First time i ever heard of that you couldn't just move there if you wanted to. Had to be born there etc.

    Also if recirculating water then i would recommend a 1000l IBC or a water tank and one of the cheap $70 sump pumps. Plenty of flow (you'll need a tee and valve to divert some back to the tank, you can put this in the water if you like next to the pump) and submersible.

    Ozito 350W Dirty Water Submersible Water Pump @

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