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First 8" Crystal Dragon in Australia Ready to Run

This little beauty went to a small commercial distillery in NSW. It's set up in their workshop here in it's basic configuration, but will have an SD gin basket added shortly. Looks fantastic on the customers custom copper boiler, with the brass rods he's turned up for it.


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  • I like it, show us more :-c

    It is what you make it!

  • Two super nice show peices.

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  • The overhead on the upper right, looks like ya need to raise it to handle that kit!

    It is what you make it!

  • I don't think this is the units final setup or where it's going to run. There is a new StillDragon Gin basket in my next shipment that is to be fitted as well, so it will really be a showpiece. Gin basket will help get the parrot away from the boiler as well.

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  • :-c

    It is what you make it!

  • The copper boiler and Crystal Dash definitely compliment each other. I could stare at it all day (when running of course) :-O

  • I'd love to see a video of that in operation!

  • Ill ask guys, we may be lucky.

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  • Very nice set up, what is the size of the boiler ?


  • Hoping we have a new member shortly that can answer these questions. :-*

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  • The boiler is 250 lt to the base of the cone it's made from 2mm with a base 8mm it was used for 30 years as a pot still making brandy .

  • Welcome Awesome, that really is an awesome bit of kit that anyone would envy.

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  • Very nice. I like the blend of copper, class and stainless... would love to see it run.

  • ... would love to see it run.


    It sure looks the business!

  • I see that you have chosen bubbelcaps plates for this 8 "glass column, something that should be taken and look a bit on is the number of returns, down comers, for it is more than 1pc return pipe then reduces the efficiency of this column was considerably .... Not good....

    Personally, I prefer "only" 1pc return pipe, so one of the place with the greatest possible number bubbelcaps, and the solution is on the bottom plate of the Reed door distillery, with a cup-liquid lock in the air and height adjustable by 2pc nuts .. but that's me;-)

  • Thanks for your comments I will take all the help that I can get at the moment I've turned up on the lathe 1 and only one for each plate and opened up the stardard plate from 19mm to 25 mm enlarged bubble cap with a 40 mm cap on top and a 40 mm cap on the bottom fixed at the moment but I could make it adjustable with a bit of help the standard plate has 4 down comers so I scaled up to 1"or 25mm so that I would have the same volume as the 4 the style is similar to I think the new ones that Lloyd is developing I just wanted to have 1 in the middle .

  • Hello, First I want to point out that I use Google translation and it is not 100% always ... If I understand you correctly, you just want 1st return pipe and this is in my view preferable because then you can fit several bubbelcaps and every little bubbelcaps can at best provide up to 1 liter per hour .... so this is important in a commercial angel… this solution with a stainless adjustable return tube in height available on 8 "sieve plate is preferable also in bubbelcaps plates in appeal to the sizes for which saves the 3pc downcomers and you may instead have 3pc bubbelcaps more in each plate and in the best case" earn "up to 3 liters per hour and you get even less pressure between each plate with more bubbelcaps and this means that you can have smaller return pipe for them works better the less pressure there is between each plate ...

    Personally, I like to have return tube vapor lock in the air then occupies Cup - vapor lock, no place on the plate below for a while you can have multiple bubbelcaps there instead ...

    Something to consider is if you double the size of the return pipe so the volume increases 4 times ... it therefore increases throughput 4 times. you must also make sure that you change the location in the column of the return pipe from one side to the other side so the reflux liquid gets as long as possible way on the plate, to cross the plate before it reaches the next return pipe to the plate during…


  • edited July 2013

    I hope that its okey that a lend this foto from reed door destilleris tread... this is what a ment shold be optimalt for a 8" bubbelcaps plate with only 1pc returpipe and the waporlock in the air..

    Just make sure you have about 50% -note less of the inner diameter of charge at the bottom of the tube against Cuppen, if the tube is 20mm inside diameter so you should have at least 10mm gap between the bottom of the tube end and the cup, then you are on the safe side

    If you measure the outside of the return pipe and aisles * that by 1.4 times when you get the minimum inside dimensions that you need inside the cup and then you are on the safe side-note less ... volume is slightly larger between the outside of the pipe and the inside of the cup against what the volume is inside the return pipe ...



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  • Sweet mother of god, she looks amazing awesome would also love to see it running............

  • Harley thanks for the feed back i have taken a photo of what i have made but due to my age i have to wait for the kids to show me how to upload it pretty sad i can make a still but cant upload a picture better have a drink instead

  • edited July 2013

    The kids are home so here we go Harley this is what I have made

    image, image

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    800 x 600 - 97K
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