Is this Mould or just normal?

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I have been trying out honey shine.
I have 2 which have finished fermenting and have been resting for 2 weeks now.
One seems to have some white stuff on the top, i just wanted to confirm with you guys if it could be mould/bacteria or just produce from leaving it to rest.

I used raw roughly filtered honey, so wasn't pure honey to start with.

I have attached a picture of what I can see.



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    Picture isn't good, but sure, probably a bacterial or fungal colony.

    The microbes aren't going to be coming from the honey, and even if it isn't filtered, the filtering process is typically crude, so it won't filter out these microbes. You fermenting in a 5 gallon bucket?

    What's the gravity?

  • Thanks @grim

    Yeah 5 gallon buckets. OG was 1.071. FG is 1.000.

  • Looks like some kind of bacterial infection. Could be a few things, How does it smell?

    If it smells fairly normal I'd just run it sooner rather than later and it's probably good

    If it smells less normal then I'd still run it but with caution.

  • Was there a lot of wax and pollen in the honey?

  • Thanks guys.

    Smells fine, no rotten or ugly smell, just honey. The honey was fairly clear, there were a bits of pollen and wax in the honey as it was only roughly filtered. I was thinking it could be that which is floating on top.

    As it does smell fine, and there is no mould in it, i may as well give it a try.

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