Sample Bottles where to buy??

Hey Guys, after being at a meet the distillers event on Wednesday I have come to the conclusion that I need to source some sample sized bottles

150ml glass hip flask size would be ideal, I have one at home that I recycled when someone brought some brandy for cooking however am wondering if anyone knows of a place in Melbourne I could go tomorrow and buy some?

I have found a few places online that will deliver

Plasdene is another option however the minimum spend of 120+gst is not quite what I am after as I am not in the market for larger bottles at this stage

Any tips would be great :)



  • cospac? but don't think they'd be open on a Saturday.

    Last time i went to them here in sydney, they had bottles, but not lids. how hard can it be??

  • I was going to say Plasdene. If you just want a few some of the 2 dollar shops have some interesting smaller bottles in different shapes. Often aimed at those doing olive oil for gifts etc.

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  • When is the meet coming to Brisbane?

  • We use either maple syrup bottles or small swcheppes tonic bottles too.

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    We have made up some presentation packs with a gag label to give as presents this Christmas. These 200 ml pharmacy bottles came from Pack my Product. A bloke should be making Rum with labels that look like that.


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  • You got Dalmations ?

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    @GD50 said: You got Dalmations ?

    two - must be crazy aye

  • No. I always had them until for some reason ( daughter ) i went to Red Heelers. Considering getting another but it is hard to find a liver with good big body ( American style or at least not fine ) and nice spotting. With Dalmations your got the cosmetic as well as the construction to consider as you would know.

  • Our two boys are black spots, previous one was a liver spot. The two boys we have now are taller than the breed standard but nicely in proportion. Ours are neither for breed or show and have been neutered - great companion animals.

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