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New Competition! Design the Dial Sticker

edited October 2016 in Accessories

Hey folks, it's been a while since we had a comp or asked for design ideas so while we are ready to update our dial sticker for the DIY kits we thought we'd rely on some of the skills that are bouncing around here.

Prize will be the first new sticker along with a controller kit delivered free for the person who contributes the best design.

This is our current sticker (i've also put it on the StillDragon Australia Facebook page in case it gets messed up here);


The total diameter should be 60mm in the finished artwork. There is however no requirement to stick to a 60mm piece. The area you have to work in for the small kit boxes is around 4" x 6", 100mm x 150mm.

I can't run photo software to save myself, but adding it to a pic i found on the web in here and you get the idea of what may be possible(obviously the dial circle is supposed to be in the cutout);


So have at it and post em up. Have some fun with it but remember the winner will be printed and go out to our customers.

Judged by our team and open to everyone no matter your affiliation with SD (prize to be awarded to best non affiliated member).

800 x 790 - 65K
547 x 800 - 45K

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