Introduction to Distilling Courses inTasmania

Saw this in my feed and thought some of you might be interested in attending:

The Tasmanian Whisky Academy courses

Booking site is here

Looks like an absolute blast.





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    Are they the guys from Redlands?

    Great to see this stuff popping up, there's an opportunity in every state for a distillery owner who has training qualifications. With the ATO wanting people to show some training before offering a licence there is a real need for some short courses.

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  • This is the other one going in VIC but distilleries I've been talking too don't really rate them.
    If you're after a job out of it then the IBD course is the one that has been repeatedly recommended to me.
    It's internationally recognised and also a lot cheaper. Goes right up to masters too.
    I'm working through the course content now, looks really good.

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