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Tangelo Spirits

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Zest from 6 tangelos into 600 ml 95% ABV neutral, soak for 20 minutes, seperate the zest with a coffee filter, add 200 gr sugar then 300 ml H2O. Shake like hell for a day.

Unexpected demand for this last weekend.


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  • only 20 minutes? i leave my limoncello on zest for weeks. haven't tried tangelo yet but it's looking good!

  • This is the recipe Industry City Distillers uses for their limoncello. It works nicely.

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    Full strength neutral is the trick for citrus I think. Even with a lemoncello, you get really nice extraction at 3-4 days.

  • vapor extraction works good too... I bet a blend of soaked full strength and vapor would be the ticket....

  • Never got around to trying to distill a straight citrus masceration in the lab still.

  • You're right @Knafs, now that I've seen Industry City Distillers' limoncello recipe, it does look to be a somewhat slightly modified version of a quadrupled batch - so, credit to creator. I gotta review my notes to see where I ended up with this mix.

    @grim - agreed, that's what has been the differentiator between the "cellos" I make and others that my friends have made; but I'm going to have to explore @CothermanDistilling suggestion.

  • I'm macerating my 'cello with about 80% ABV for some time to get the best extraction of oils but still leave it sitting for a while.

    Next batch I'll try this way and check the difference

  • @grim said: Never got around to trying to distill a straight citrus masceration in the lab still.

    50g/liter of lemon was intense.. I want to try soaking whole, uncut fruit for a time in 80%...

  • daddad
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    image effort and doesn't ruin fruit.

    It does take a large container.

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    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

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    Years ago I tried vodka, which I thought was worthless. Seems like by the time you get the citrus you are going for, it's just too bitter. Takes ages too.

  • Some guys on the forums back ages ago were advocating suspending a citrus above a jar full of neutral on a string. They said it worked very well and put hardly any colour into it.

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  • I did lime suspended and it turned out great. Actually I welded 3 rods in middle and used this as a tripod to support the limes above alcohol. Left it for months then sugared and cut. Not bitter at all and a nice tinge of green with plenty of flavour.

  • All these different ideas will keep me busy for years - darn! ^:)^

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