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Liquid Waste From Small Distillery

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Hey Guys,

I am filling out my applications forms for town planning for setting up my little distillery and they are asking for waste characteristics for liquid waste. Does any one have a document that indicates what are the typical wastes for backset and spirit run wastes that they could share? If so my email is here.




  • Interesting thought... If your wash is on average 10% over a 45L (keg boiler) charge then the waste would be at least 90% X 45L = 40.5L... Plus any low wine rejects plus any of the wash you don't extract (i.e.: what % you take it down to).

    That's a starting point, anyway...

  • There was big discussion somewhere here on just that. It may have been in the pro section, I can't search there anymore :-??

  • If the volumes are small you could save yourself the trouble and not put any of it to the sewer. Take it all offsite in an IBC, neutralize and irrigate it.

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    @TheMechWarrior like 'grey water'!?!

  • Wash water is where the wastewater volume comes from.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

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    In my area wastewater companies are mostly concerned about:

    • Things with an oxygen demand (live yeast)
    • large amounts of chemicals that alter Ph like caustic soda.
    • Chunky bits going down the drains (like grain)
  • Stillage has an oxygen demand that is off the charts.

  • Interesting, what's causing that?

  • BOD refers to the amount of oxygen demand that would be required by the bacteria necessary to process it.

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand is a standard method for determining the "strength" of wastewater.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • I put my leftover stillage into a swale that runs above my fruit trees. Since doing that the apples I get have nearly doubled in size!

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