Twin Columns on Boiler

Hey guys,

I was just looking at photos of stills and I noticed a couple of guys have two columns in a U configuration on the top of their boilers. I copied a couple of photos as on Monday I go to the local Muni to talk about getting a license to set up my distillery. Getting closer everyday. These guys don't know what a micro distillery looks like. A winery they will be fine but a small still they are lost.

Anyway I was curious as to whether these U configurations basically double the output of the still? I would guess its not exactly double but pretty close. Any feedback from the twin dragon guys.


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    It's about doubling the number of plates you can run in a certain ceiling height mate. The second column is not fed from boiler vapour directly, but fed from the output of the first column.

    So it is an increase in purity and versatility rather than output speed. Although you could of course set it up the way you are describing with both columns run from the boiler and feeding one product condensor. The same result could be had by increasing the diameter of the column cheaper and easier to run though.

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  • Thanks Mate. Your a champion.

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