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New Aussie 500L DoubleDragon System

There's some teaser pictures of the new range of systems i will be offering as the next step up in the Australian stock range in the New Arrival thread but i thought i'd put some more detail separately.

The system (yet to be named) is designed around the most common startup inquiries i regularly hear.
People want a simple direct immersion boiler with six elements but they want it in copper. They want copper tees, copper piping and copper condensor and are willing to pay the premium that copper commands. If they are not, the whole system can be ordered with stainless boiler, tees, piping and condensor. It can also be ordered with the Crystal Dragon in place of the Dash tees.

It will do whiskey/rum/bourbon etc as a pot still straight to the condensor, can do a vodka on two runs at 9 plates (including the pot still) each run, you can switch to the 12" glass and copper gin basket from the column or bypass the column if working with clean hearts. The juice from the gin basket can be diverted back to the boiler or drawn off from a valve underneath the basket. It comes with a spare basket, big boy parrot and a 6" product condensor that i'm assured will knock down 100 liters an hour if required with a trickle of cooling water.

It will be supplied with 8 x 8" plates with our ProCap system and has CIP enabled with spray balls and will be supplied with blanking plates on the rear of the column so the customer can set up the CIP anyway she pleases. You can also order the system with two stacks of plated tees or Crystal Dragon towers if you don't require the pot still. Maybe 2 stacks of 8 or 10 plates for a vodka only still or a stack of 4 and a stack of 8 for a hybrid rum/vodka still.



Whiskey Hat with sightglass for frothing


Valves for changing configuration. We will have stainless moving stock picking platforms available to order if customers want them.


Single phase, non explosion proof agitator


Clean In Place



One of the factory workers just finishing up the last weld, WH&S does not included goggles.


I am after suggestions in keeping with my current ranges for naming the new range. I'm thinking 'The Cat's Arse' is probably a step too far? :D

450 x 800 - 69K
800 x 600 - 93K
800 x 600 - 90K
800 x 600 - 76K
800 x 600 - 86K
800 x 600 - 95K
800 x 600 - 82K
800 x 600 - 100K

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