[AU/SA] Sale: Ace of Hearts aka Baby Crystal Dragon [SOLD]

I'm selling my 2.5" Ace of hearts crystal dragon

It has 8 ProCap36 bubble caps custom down comers and a 305mm extension.

I'm based in Adelaide South Australia.

$1200.00 $1000.00

Willing to post at buyers cost






600 x 800 - 48K
800 x 600 - 56K
600 x 800 - 48K
800 x 600 - 38K
600 x 800 - 57K


  • jezjez
    edited July 2016

    Price drop $1000.00 all parts have been cleaned as best as I can.


    800 x 600 - 82K
  • Update will throw in my 510mm extension as well. I won't need it with my new rig.

  • Have you considered keeping them and using the lot together in a tiered system for vodka, like CD does?
    Maybe you need the spare cash but it's always good to have a box of spare bits to play with :)

  • I have considered that but the 2" parts don't fit well with the 5" system. I want to set up a 5" section to fill with stainless above the 6 plates for a good neutral/vodka. I know that when I have the 5" system set right the 2.5" will sit in a box. :)

  • @jez. I too am looking for a 5" spool section to go above my existing 4 plates and put it to punkin to see what he can do while in China. I am in shock at the moment and wonder why but have gone to a dry aboriginal community in far west SA for a three month stint so as a reward I have promised myself a 4or 5 plate crystal section on top of the ss shiny bits. I will still add a section on top of that if punkin comes good. All assuming I don't loose a taste for it while (shock shock ) dry for a while. The power of the dollar - I was actually retired for 2 weeks before this came up and in the process of having a big brew up of multiple different ferments for several spirits.

    Will all have to wait. I did a run the other day and with my 5 " rc at 4 l/ min I had full reflux and ended up running the spirit run wit about 1l / min. The 3 " pc only needed about 1 l/ min. This was on two elements about 4800 w total. I dropped the third element off after heat up on 50 l keg

  • If you lads really want a 5" to 2" reducer you'll be able to make it yourself if you have the tools and skills or pay your local welder to do it for you. "Simply" buy a 5" x 2" concentric reducer from any of the online joints that sell sanitary gear or buy the ferrules and have the reducer made, or buy a 5" cap and have a 2" ferrule welded on. Many ways to get there, if you're genuinely motivated.

  • I was more keen on a 5 " spool on top of plates not a 2" . As you said it would be easy to put a 2" on but then it would be 5" plates to 2" section then back to a. 5" reflux condenser then back to 2 " pipe work over to the pc. Punkin sells 5 to 2 reducer as I have that already on top of rc. I know that when I bought my gear I was concerned about the 2" pipework coming off the 5" RC then going to a three inch PC. I nearly got it changed to 3" off RC to PC but I let it go as I knew I wanted to also fit the 2 " GB4 for gin. I had considered using two 5 to 4 reducers and. 4 inch packed pipe section but it did not look cost effective as punkin was going to China and was going to look at it.

  • I'm chasing 5" stainless thru work and will make a section but these things take time. @GD50 so when I find out how much the parts cost I'll send you a message and see if you want one as well. @TheMechWarrior Yes we can use what's around but would rather stick to using 5" all the way thru. I have an extra couple of 5" flanges thanks to punkin how sent 2 too many and could just use more glassware for a packed section.

  • @jez have you got glass parts as well ? And what kind of 5" flanges. I am guessing you mean a 5" starter for a crystal . Hopefully punkin will come to the rescue but would be interested if you get a solution. Having those 5" flanges will help you but not me and punkin site is down so I can't look at what he has got.. What is your setup and how many runs you got up on the 5".
    I think if I end up with my existing 4 pro plates and then add a extra 4 or 5 glass pro plates it will look and work great.

  • 5" is readily available in SS and Cu. If you can't find it I can point you in the right direction.

  • I will be stocking 5 inch tc pipe sections for you guys with my next order. I don't have room to bring them back in my suitcase though.

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  • jezjez
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    @GD50 ive just purchased a 5" crystal pro unit


    @punkin awesome mate that will be great :) hey can you get a bigger suit case :)) Hope your having a great trip.

    800 x 600 - 82K
  • Turn your baby in to the best lookin Carbon Philter ever!

  • Pull the ProCaps and plates apart and use them in your extension

  • Be a neat carbon filter for sure

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  • Yes it would make a neat filter, but I was thinking more along the lines of putting the money towards a nice new 120lt boiler as that will be my next major purchase.

  • @jez. You been spying on my shopping list. My probable priority will be the 5" crystal extension on top of the dash 4 pro but gut says go for the boiler. Pity they are such an outlay.

  • @GD50 :) oh so it sounds like you have caught the same bug as me. The 5" system rocks but to make it awesome would be to have a 120lt boiler. ATM I'm doing 2x 50lt stripping runs to get my 45/50lt 30% low wines and then a spirit run. Would be great to do 2x100 and 1x spirit run. Plus I'm using a gas burner with my boiler and have been wanting to electric so the 120 lt will be the way to go.

    Yes the price is a big put off for me. I have been looking into a 120 lt build as I work with stainless at work and we have a robot welder etc to do it but my work is not to keen on me doing it there.

    So what do you make with your unit?

  • The 200 is a perfect match for the 5 inch Jez. Only a couple hundred difference. We dont really make a profit on the boilers. They are exe to import as the amount of air you are shipping is huge. More stocking them so we can supply complete systems.

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  • @jez. So I do a 160l ferment then 3 * 45 strips which don't take that much time as I got 7500w in a 50 l keg. End up with around 20+ l low wines then water that down to say 45 l and a spirit run. That is not too bad as if I had the 120 or 200 say 200 I would ferment up close to this and strip. Just guessing and would love someone with a 120 or 200 boiler to come in. If I end up with 80 l low guess then back in the 200 boiler I am going to end up with 40 l spirit. So my main product is gin raki Pisco and playing with sugarcane jungle juice and maybe rum.

    So then as the 200 or120 is now too big / too much I have to go back to my keg for gin in particular and the size of the GB4. In the end I might as well persevere with the keg and at this stage concentrate on the product quality as what am I going to do with all that much alcohol. It is a hobby so might as well get used to liking the processes and end quality than worry about making it easier and quantity. Make the keg set and forget for stripping and concentrate on final runs

    But in the end it is impressive and the brain will go out the window and the boy and shiny things will probably prevail. Love speckie shining things. Almost as much as a nice pair of ...... Or butt

  • I had the 120 for a long time. Ferment in 200l olive drums three quarters full for ujsm and it makes a nice charge for a 120. Strip and get 34 l of low wines at 45 to 50 percent add some gresh was from the next batch to water down, about 20 percent of the strip. Do this a couple of times for a spirit run or just use fein5s and wash to do single runs of UJ.

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  • SOLD I have sold my baby dragon

  • That took a while how much u sell it for

  • $1000.00 on ebay

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