From Keg to Boiler

Ok so I got a keg would like to make it into a boiler I'm buying a StillDragon 4"



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    That's nice!


    The lack of punctuation and an actual query make it difficult for us to know if you are making a comment or asking a question.

    OK, Let me park the sarcasm and assume you are asking 'how do I convert a keg into a boiler?

    I will firstly respond with have you read the manual (PDF)?

    page 14 /15 discusses this very topic, shows how I did it and makes some suggestions to consider.

    there are no "right" ways to do it - want a site glass? an in boiler thermo port? 2 elements? legs? handles? shining like a mirror? insulated? It's up to you to work out what you reckon will work best for you and your budget.

    IMHO The SD element guard kits are great bits of gear.

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    Sorry @crozdog just my grandma ain't very good. But thanks I read it and will think about the things I really need. But i just this really been answered. On a topic called The Perfect Keg Boiler

  • @crozdog said: That's nice!

    Dang, now you commented on it, so I can't clean up the OP. I usually try to fix matters like this, enhance readability during the daily forum housekeeping, but of course it can't be done all the time in time... ;)

    @AZZA1984, of course it always helps to be as specific as possible, and I really would like to recommend a web browser with built-in spell checking (should be standard by all major web browsers nowadays). Don't cut down on punctuation and formating (line breaks by adding two spaces, or new paragraph with adding an empty line), readers of your discussions and comments will appreciate it.

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  • Sometimes misspellings and bad grammar are intentional.

    I'm more like I am now than I was before.

  • Good grammer is perfectly cromulent.

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    cromulent @ Wiktionary

    Had to look it up. I like it.

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  • Weld two kegs together to make an even more awesome boiler.

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    @Knafs said: Good grammer is perfectly cromulent.

    @punkin said: cromulent @ Wiktionary Had to look it up. I like it.

    :)) you guys are fuuny

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