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Thinking about buying a Dash 1

Hey all, I've been in touch with Punkin and a few other users the last few days

Been trying to gather around much info as possible about the dash and build quality before I dive in and get one

As I said to Punkin, this is probably gonna be my last still purchase for a long time and I wanna make sure it's the right one. I'm not gonna lie, some of the things that have been going on the last few months have slightly waivered my thoughts on owing a dash but I suppose that's what this post is about today

I suppose I'll use this thread to ask as many questions as I can about what I'd like to find out but also want to try gather some other dash users experience with not only the quality of they're dash but the design. I'm looking at buying this thing more or less as a plug and play unit.

Few questions I have off the top of my head.

  • Height of the dash 1?
  • Length of the parrot?
  • Warranty?

I suppose more to come when I think of them

Cheers all



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    Dash one is around 1.1 meters. Parrot is 430mm from top of the surge breaker to the bottom of the valve. Warranty is on the websites, if you don't like it for any reason return it in unused condition within 30 days for a full refund.

    I'll also state that if you were unlucky enough to have a faulty part or any bad workmanship i will replace the faulty part (upon return as i have been burnt) or refund your money at no cost to you, whether it's been used or not. I have never had a customer contact me with a legitimate complaint that i have not done my utmost to resolve.

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    What height is the out put? From a 2 inch keg connection.

    Also, what's the maximum height I'm able to set the down comer? That's if they are adjustable in the stilldragon system

  • Hi Jonno, I cannot give advice on the SD specifically as I have another unit, but I have purchased quite an amount of SD parts and accessories, as well as know a person locally who uses the Dash himself. My friend is very happy with his, and has a great relationship with Punkin etc as far as after sales questions etc. The equipment I have purchased, Philter Carbon Filter as well as coolant connections, all my ferrules, elements, and sight glass kits, yeasts etc have met all expectations and not had an issue at all. The guys are happy to spend time explaining stuff to you. Personally, I love the look of my own copper column, but I also see great advantages of the SD, including being able to pull it down and clean in a dishwasher, as well as being able to make anything from the modular assembly.

  • @jonno said: What height is the out put? From a 2 inch keg connection.

    I can't remember as mine is disassembled atm, but you could opt for a shorter product condenser, or lengthen the parrot with a length of TC pipe.

    @jonno said: Also, what's the maximum height I'm able to set the down comer? That's if they are adjustable in the stilldragon system

    They aren't really adjustable per se, although you could extend the downcomer using copper pipe (assuming you have worked with copper before). This would be approx. 120mm, but you'd need some verification from a more qualified member.

    I have not had any issues with the amount of SD products I have purchased, including the Dash 2. I also can vouch for Punkin unequivocally. From his advice, to customer solutions, freight and service, have all been impeccable.

    I like Still Dragons range of products and add-ons that are available. To me, the SD team are always striving for, developing AND delivering new products.

  • what height are the downcomers set at atm then?

  • Jonno, Like Philter I have had nothing but good experiences with the SD team & their range of products. They are not only interested in what their customers need / are doing but actively seek input from them re how to make their products better - then they actually put their money where our mouths are and make things customers suggest. The Carbon Philter & gin head are 2 such examples....

    IMHO & experience, customers like you & I have no interest in or impact from personal & commercial wranglings which have previously occurred. I can say if you do buy any SD products you will be a happy camper.

  • thanks lads, this is the news i was hoping to here. Its pretty much what i thought but just wanted to be sure :)

    Tossing up whether or not to order this week or next...

    decisions decisions.......

  • Just get one ASAP you won't regret it!

  • @Rockchucker, where have you been? Bout time I saw you here again.

  • this is a dash 2, now i gota check that parrot dimensions


    330 x 554 - 30K
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    It's minus 305 for the extension and 308 or so for the two missing tees. it's within a couple of mm. You can of course alter the collection height in units of 50mm just by putting extensions in anywhere you wanrt. That's the thing about modular, put a 155mm 2" extension tween the reducer and the bend and a 100mm 2" extension between the bend and the product condensor and you have just lifted your collection point by 50mm. Swap those two cheap pieces over and you have lowered your collection point by 50mm. Take one of them out and you can lower/raise your collection point by 100-150 mm.

    And so on.

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  • and add two 45 degree angle fittings to move the parrot away from the keg....

  • how far away?? - ok don't answer that, you'll just make me draw it to the moon and back! image

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  • oh and dont forget, you can use the surge breaker on a 45 degree angle, so you 'could' get away with buying the cheaper 3/4 in pipe

  • NOT CHEAPER... Lower cost.... or more cost effective smaller diameter... or the reduced flow 3/4" diameter tubing and clamps...

  • Thanks guys, I needed a good laugh and you two did that. a column to the moon and back should get excellent purity? =))

  • I just picked up the parts for a dash 1 and went through them before assembly. I can tell you the parts are built like a tank. I recommend the sight glass kits vs the tri-clamp sight glasses. I already had some tri-clamps that I used from other manf, but the ones that came with the Dash 1 kit were of better quality.

    You'll just want to go through everything and clean it up real good. Put the whole thing in the dishwasher! Then take your time assembling. The standard/long reducers and the standard plate/tees are all the same height. So, other than the 180 at's pretty easy to calculate your height.

    The place you want to spend some time on is figuring out your water I/O, fittings, and your tubing length you'll need for your space. Nothing sux worse than getting all your parts and realizing you need another 2 or 3 feet of tubing. I do NOT suggest drinking over proof rum before making that calculation. :)

  • Thanks all for the words of encouragement. Punkin put my new dash 1 in the back of a van this arvo and its on its way upto me.

    I'm sure i'll be putting up lots of photos/videos of this bad boy running and showing her off in general and yes LOTS more questions

    Cheers all!!

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    Good stuff Jonno, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.

    dont forget to RTFM ;-)

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