New Yeasts for Fuel Production

Read an article where MIT coaxed yeast to increase production in high alcohol environments. Part was genetic selection over 4 months of growth the other part was adding potassium for food and increasing ph chemically. (Makes sense)

This won't do much for drinking spirits I don't think. I'm currently making ethanol as fast as I can for local use as its scarce here and thus I can make decent profits with little legal oversight.

As you might imagine increasing how mug product I can make in a given size fermenter in a given time is critical to maximizing profits and controlling price points.

Anyone mess around with or has seen these new yeasts on the market yet? I see alcobase turbo yeast 23% but I'm not sure the source yeast and would need it in bulk.

What's the highest tolerance yeast and where can I get it cheap


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    Fuel specific yeasts are absolute monsters.

    Lallemand C6 Fuel

    20% by volume

    Fermentation 92-95F (33-35c)

    Can sustain 104F peaks (40c)

    Parties between pH 3.5-4.5

    From a fuel perspective, look into antibiotics as well.

    Or - depending on your ferment temps - thermosacc, a blistering 98F ferment temp.

    If you are buying direct from lallemand - I bet you even with shipping it's going to be reasonable in comparison. And, if you can save on fermentation cooling costs, that's going to add up.

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