Make Whiskey in a 4" Crystal Dragon

Hello together,

I want to buy a 4" Crystal Dragon with 3 bubble sections and dephlegmator.

In the meantime I make bourbon or malt whiskey in a pot still without bubble sections and dephlegmator.
The spirit has a good taste and nice smell, but the still is difficult to clean and not very efficient.
So I want a new one.

I like the design of the Crystal Dragon, but I'm not sure if I can make a similar good whiskey in this still?

Can you help me, has anyone experience?

Best regards,



  • Yes, you definitely can, 3 bubble sections will give you plenty of flavor and pretty much are destined for making some fine whiskey. Assuming you have used your pot still with a stripping run followed by a spirit run, a reflux column like our Crystal Dragon will give you a cleaner product in a single run. As a general recommendation, use 3 to 4 bubble sections for anything flavorful.

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