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Rum Taste?



  • @jdgiildenzopf said: I have a rum wash ready to go into the kettle 15% ABV, I can't decide if I should strip it first, or just run it in the Pot still with a 2" x 2' packed column ( with copper mesh & ceramics). I plan on aging on oak. Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks.

    15% is kinda high for rum. Most of us who do it regularly get 8-10%. As far as single or double pass, if it is too funky for your taste, run it again.

    Wise men on this forum will tell you that it is very hard to get rid of all of the rum taste so running it again will just clean it up.

  • Thanks for the input, do you suggest a pot still or a plated reflux column to run the rum? My rum recipe is 1 gal of back strap Molasses and 6# panels sugar and a very specific yeast just for rum.

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