PNW Distillers BBQ 2016 (2nd annual)

Last year (with help) I organized a BBQ in the Pacific North West for distillers at my home. The meet was set the day after Proof. Proof-Washington Distillers Festival is the flagship tasting event for the craft distilleries that make up the Washington Distillers Guild. iStill and Odin was there with a booth, which did very well despite having customs hold his equipment at the port. I strongly think that StillDragon could make good use of the event as well, but I digress.

It was my regret last year by not extending this offer to other distilling forums and we missed out on meeting several wonderful people, at least one of which was at Proof with us and I didn't even know it.

If you are an established member here then please consider yourself invited to my home for a BBQ the following day after Proof. That falls on July 10, 2016, starting at approximately 1pm. We had a great turnout last year and filled a table with top notch spirits that blew away the selection at Proof. Some folks got on a plane to make it and it sounds like they may again this year. I will have food, drinks, and ice available. However, you can feel free to bring whatever you would like to share or cook.

PM me for my home address if you would like to attend. If you are traveling or at a hotel (as was the case last year for some) then we can organize carpooling for both days. We are approximately 30-45 minutes south of Seattle in the Lake Tapps area.

Proof | Washington Distillers Festival

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