Over Oaked Bourbon

So my half Oaked bourbon went into a brand new 25L barrel for 5 weeks tasted awesome at 65% pulled 10L off diluted to 40% and it tastes slightly oaky. what to do?? It's still very drinkable but I'm disappointed with my self. Should I pull the lot off and leave it till it mellows or cut it with some fresh UJSSM or just add 10L of fresh to the barrel? Also I've noticed that my UJSSM isn't as sweet as commercial bourbon like JD etc how would you guys adjust that sweetness?


  • If there's more room in the barell i'd try filling it up. I used to use 10ml/litre of pure maple syrup before i got my barrels to add that maple sweetness that good barrels and longer ageing will give. After using my barrels i found i didn't need the syrup anymore.

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    Add the fresh UJSSM to the barrel and keep a closer eye on it. Some of the oak flavor on the part removed will calm down but most will stay.

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    Not sure I know what half-oaked is, but only 5 weeks in a 25l (full)? I'd imagine closer to 30.


  • 25L was in second hand barrel while my new charred barrel was being made so only half way to being oaked transferred to new barrel and now it's gone slightly too far. Will do as suggested see if it cures it.

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