End of Stripping Run

New to distilling. I am stripping old apple cider approx 7.5% ABV with the intent of doing a second distillation with a gin basket for vapour infusion. I am using a 50L keg with 5.5 kW heating element.

I am starting stripping run at about 50% ABV and finishing on about 10% ABV.

Question is, .. At end of stripping run, is it essential or good practice to drain heating pot before recharging OR is it okay to simply top up and continue on.


487 x 800 - 62K


  • Drain it out, you don't have to get the last couple litres under the drain or wash it, but give yourself more room to put more wash in.

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  • Yes drain. Remember on a strip run the majority of the origional charge is left in the boiler. No point in topping that up as that would just dilute what you added as new wash.

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