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is anybody on here from based in Northland, NZ? And would be kind enough to show a wannabe distiller how its done? Would be keen to have a go, but hesitant to just go out and buy gear and try to figure out things based solely on YouTube links etc. I know there's workshops to be had etc, but struggling to find one close enough for it not to be a major multiday mission. :)



  • Welcome!

    I'm not in NZ but it's a lot easier than you think. Read through the forums and you can learn a ton. Depending what you're after, talk to brewers or winemakers (there seems to be more of them around) as the fermentation is hugely important and they are much more anal about it than most distillers. The last part of the distillation can be learned based on forums and books pretty well.

  • :D I can brew a decent all grain brew, so will have to agree about brewers being anal about fermentation, wouldn't know about winemakers beyond their frigging wild yeasts are a pain if you're trying to brew in the middle of wineries. I guess it's a matter of perspective. having mastered fermentation all the this goes here and this goes there and stop here and start there stuff looks like it's the difficult part, I guess when all else fails I'll hook up something to a boiler and see what I can come up with. :) thanks

  • At the risk of sounding like the RTFM guy, the manual here at the top of the page is well written and shows exactly what goes where. The basics sticky has all the info that anyone could need to get going as well and Kiwi's Guide To Cuts is invaluable info that is also contained in that post.

    I think if you read the stickies here you'd be off to a flying start. I hope you can hook up with someone locally, it's definately handy having like minded mates.

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    if you can make a decent home brew beer you are well on the way.

    Checkout @zymurgybob's great intro here, kiwi's guide to cuts is also on that page as is a glossary and some handy calculators.

    The manual that @punkin refers to is here (PDF)

    @punkin, I hear that the guy who wrote the manual is a good bloke! B-)

  • @mgv I started out knowing nothing and got an introduction to AG beer and wine from friends. If you can manage a goof brew, you're mostly there. Just dump a beer in and see what you get. That's the fun of it!

  • @crozdog Yep, real good bloke.

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