Our New TV Commercial

Criticism is welcome. Enjoy. Please hit the HD button while viewing.

Little Chicago Distilleries LLC TV Commercial @ Facebook



  • Cool.

  • It's a great tag line and selling point .... People are buying more than just a drink, they're buying a story and a piece of history. Everyone wants to feel a little bit like Capone =D>

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    @Higgo said: Everyone wants to feel a little bit like Capone

    Refusing to be treated for syphilis and dying with syphilitic dementia?

    This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


    Sorry, I had to do it. The commercial looks great!

  • lols. Our recipe was called "squirrel" My grandfathers were busted with a bottling operation in Olean , NY~ 15k gallons during prohibition. They were the only ones arrested for using the "capone" Federal medicinal labels during that time. I was lucky enough to find the recipe in my grandmothers recipe card box. (ironically)

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    Make your own history, it resonates more. Just in what you said right there, was much more intriguing than linking to Capone or the racket, everyone already knows that story. That's just my 2 cents, and I'm not worth even that.

  • The whole story makes for a great tale and as Higgo pointed out, people want a story. Down here, the mob was Traficante in Tampa. Maybe I'll research if he ever made rum...

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