Miniumum Power for 8" Column

Thinking of running an electric set up on a 100-200 gallon still, 22000 watts. 5500x4 elements, 220v. I am doing checking on this as one of my proposed building sites does not have gas available, nor is propane an option. Will 22kw run an 8" column? Probably 4 plates, not doing vodka at this time.

Thank you for your time!


  • Should be no problem for the 100. Heat up for a 200 will be a bit sluggish.

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  • 22k will run 4 8" plates no problem. 22k and an agitator use a majority chunk off 100amps (this applies to two places I've worked in) and we just switched out the agitator for a 5th element when the agitator wasn't needed anymore. Have the 5th as adjustable and you have a powerful and very controllable set up.

  • It will run fine off 11k. Heat up will be slow.

  • Nice thing about bubble caps - they have a very wide operational range. Size for heat-up time, and then dial back as necessary to run.

    22kw on 200 gallons is a really long day though.

  • I run 11kw (2 elements) on 100gal(380L) and happy with the rate, I think you will be fine... ( I do warm up with 5 elements, and stripping with 3, btw).

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