Dilution for Spirit Run

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So we are doing some recipe development and fermenting AG wash in 50gal batches and stripping with a 380l boiler with a 8" column no plates. The 5% wash is giving us about 5 gal of ~30% strip. After 4 of these we are going to have 20gal to charge the 380l with. Obviously we will have 8-10 gal come over so our elements would be too high. Now here is the question, for future we would use a 80 gal spirit run and leave 40ish gal in the pot so no big deal but for these trials we need to add liquid to keep the elements under. Would you just leave the backset from the last striping run in the kettle and dump all 20 gal of the strip and run again or would you drain the backset, add 20gal of h20 and run? We don't want the additional water to suck all the flavor out of our spirit run and leave it in the pot and we want the more accurate tell of what it will be like with the 80 gal run without all the work and quantity.


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